James Aitcheson: The Splintered Kingdom

The Splintered Kingdom


England 1070 Oath-sworn knight, Tancred a Dinant, made his name with the Norman army in the bloody aftermath of the Battle of Hastings. Now he has lands in the Welsh Marches and knights of his own. But as trouble brews in the west and the Danes prepare to invade from the north, Tancred's personal enemies - enemies made during his rise to power - begin to gather and plot. Who can he trust? he has been chosen to lead an expedition deep into the wild country beyond the borderlands of Wales. It is his chance for glory - or ruin.

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Author: James Aitcheson
Number of Pages: 432 pages
Published Date: 14 Mar 2013
Publisher: Cornerstone
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9780099558323
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