Nicholas of Cusa,Emma Gurney Salter,Evelyn Underhill: The Vision of God

The Vision of God


Known for his deeply mystical writings about Christianity, Nicholas of Cusa wrote this, his most popular work, against a backdrop of widespread Church corruption. God, he believed, is found in all things, and thus cannot be perceived by man's senses and intellect alone. The path to ultimate knowledge, then, begins in recognizing our own ignorance. Deeply influenced by Saint Augustine, Nicholas mixes the metaphysical with the personal to create a deeply felt work, first published in 1453, designed to restore faith in even the most jaded. A German cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, NICHOLAS OF CUSA (1401-1464) was a philosopher, jurist, mathematician, and astronomer. Also referred to as Nicolaus Cusanus and Nicholas of Kues, he is considered one of the great geniuses and polymaths of the 15th century. Among his other works are Writings on Church and Reform, Catholic Concordance, and Of Learned Ignorance.

Sean's Reckoning Praise for the Naval Adventures of Alan Lewrie Only in our time has it become possible once again to unlock the sources of Rosicrucian wisdom and allow them to flow into the whole of culture Christian Rosenkreutz has always lived among us and he is with us today too as the guide of spiritual life.... The spiritual stream related to Christian Rosenkreutz offers the most potent assistance to those who strive to understand the Christ impulse. Rudolf SteinerRudolf Steiner spoke often of the relationship of Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science to Rosicrucianism, but he spoke less of the being of Christian Rosenkreutz himself. As he said, To speak of Christian Rosenkreutz presumes a profound trust in the mysteries of the life of the spirit a trust or faith not in the person of Christian Rosenkreutz, but in the mysteries of spiritual life. For Steiner, Christian Rosenkreutz was active in at least three ways. First, as one of the great leaders of humanity, he worked to bring esoteric spirituality into the modern world and to lead it into the future. Second, as the greatest teacher of Christianity he worked to bring to humanity true heart knowledge of Christ through the continued unveiling of the Mystery of Golgotha in the etheric. Intelligent Governance for the 21st Century: A Middle Way Between West and East download book Third, as a concrete, particular individual being, Steiner had a living, actual, personal relationship with him. As such, because of our failure to understand, Steiner called him a noble martyr...who, through his way of working, endured, and will in future endure, more than any other person. I say person, for the suffering of Christ was the suffering of a god. In the first part of this inspiring book a work of devotion both to Rudolf Steiner and to Christian Rosenkreutz Peter Selg, as The Great Servant of Christ Jesus, gives a detailed, chronological, and fascinating account of Steiner s portrayal and, as much as possible, experiences of Christian Rosenkreutz. He shows how Steiner had essentially two teachers: the Master Jesus (Zoroaster) and Christian Rosenkreutz. Moreover, Selg shows how these two, with Rudolf Steiner, unfolded spiritual science for our time. In the second part, he shows how all this culminates, astonishingly and miraculously, in the Michael School as it manifested in the First Class. "Rudolf Steiner and Christian Rosenkreutz" concludes with an appendix containing the text of the original (1614) "Fama, " or Announcement of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. All those interested in the esoteric foundations of Anthroposophy or in the true meaning of Rosicrucianism will be find this book of great value."

Author: Nicholas of Cusa,Emma Gurney Salter,Evelyn Underhill
Number of Pages: 164 pages
Published Date: 30 Apr 2007
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781602063266
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